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We gladly offer personal guidance if you’re

considering switching to Macintosh. Or if

you need help troubleshooting your existing Mac, just drop us a line.

Mac Consulting

  In addition to the basics and the 4Cs, if you’re already comfortable with your camera and computer and want to create some dazzling images using Adobe Photoshop, we’ll guide you through using some of the simplest tools and tricks needed to add impressive effects -- from optimizing images, no matter the source or resolution, to effects that can add or stop motion, to basic airbrush retouching methods, and  even conversion to illustration and animation style graphics.

About Cameras

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After you’re confident with your equipment, and after you’ve practiced the 4corners, we’ll start enhancing and organizing your work. The aim of this module is to walk you through the process of creating finished media you’ll be proud of. Whether for family, friends, work or even the public, we’ll move your finished pictures to albums, social media, private galleries, iPads and other mobile devices, or even just to print for a frame on your hearth.

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Before focusing on 4corners curriculum, we like to make sure you’ve got the right camera. If you’re happy with your current device, whether an iPhone or Nikon, we first spend some time ensuring you’ve got a handle on all the features designed to make your work easier and better. If you’re looking to upgrade your equipment, we can also help you learn, before you invest, which camera might best fit your ambitions, and grow with you.

Archiving & Publishing

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