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With an ever dizzying array of equipment and software available to the budding photographer, the line between pro and amateur is blurring by the hour. Here you’ll learn how to cost-effectively manipulate what otherwise is one of the most expensive and difficult tasks in photography--Creative Focus: leading the eye...and the imagination.clarity.html

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Be selective; does color really matter? You’ll find purists arguing that point ‘til they’re blue in the face; excuse the pun, but too much color can distract a viewer’s attention as fast as a picture that’s out of focus. Train yourself not to use color as a crutch, but rather, how to harness it to evoke emotion from your images.color.html
Making a photo jump to life off the paper (or the screen) is the most vital challenge for any photographer. In this exercise you’ll find that there’s more to contrast than the battle between lightness and darkness--it can also be seen as subject versus background.contrast.html

The layout of a good photograph is more than applying “The Rule of Thirds” when visualizing your shot. With our simple guides you’ll learn how easy it is to frame a good picture...even after you’ve taken it.composition.html