3 Hours Invested 3 Skills Earned

1 - Cameras & 4Corners

2 - Loving iPhoto *

3 - Output Formats

Advanced User Sessions

Same hourly rate for:

Photoshop, iMovie, iTunes, iWeb, Interactive Design & Publishing

Personal Tutor: $80/hr. I come to you or we meet @ the location of your choice. School, library, office or coffeeshop ... wherever you’re comfortable.

Discounts: Regardless of whether or not you need help making the most of your new toys or distant memories, we can also arrange discounts for equipment and software. Just ask for details.

Flyer & Gift Special: $200 for all 3 modules. A great gift for anyone with a camera or the desire to protect their treasures.

Learn How Easy It Can Be

The Kodak Moment was not just a clever marketing message; it was supposed to describe how easily we could catalog our lives on paper.

Wouldn’t it be great if preserving the rich detail of memorable moments was as easy as pushing a button?

Well, our expectations since the days of Kodak and Polaroid have certainly changed -- new technology is “supposed” to make life easier. Yet most of today’s brilliantly engineered devices are still used primarily to simply point and click. It seems as though it’s about all we have time to learn...but it’s not.

Our commitment is to make the few hours you spend with us pay off for the rest of your life...in ways that Kodak could never have seen coming: from learning how to easily compose pictures in your existing camera that even the most expensive equipment would have trouble matching in the field, to photo albums you create on your computer--mailed straight to your door--to TV-quality movies with stills, action and even soundtracks. The 4Corners program is designed to make sense of what’s already at your fingertips.


We assume you already have a camera. If not, we offer purchase assistance which helps:

  1. Bulletevaluate your immediate and future needs to select the right camera

  2. Bulletconsider multiple users’ needs if equipment is to be shared

  3. Bulletplan for steep learning curve; get gear that will grow with you


What to Budget


So, let’s get started.

Money back results guaranteed.

Group Session: Starting @ $100. 5-seat min

Rates **


  Or PC/Windows photo program

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